Magic fruits 81


Bright, fresher and altogether more magically appealing than ever before, Magic Fruits 81 is a new action-packed casino game that’ll pack a wallop before it’s through with you! Featuring the best of ’80s arcade style visuals, this unique twist on classic video arcade action will surely be your favorites. You start by selecting a fruit and bingo! Play with a selection of up to four characters, each with their own special ability, and weapon, as well as a variety of levels and power ups. You can even buy more powers as you progress through the levels – three additional characters can be purchased for an additional cost.

The graphics and sound effects in Magic Fruits 81 are fairly basic compared to other similarly themed slots games. However, that’s not to say that they’re uninteresting or less fun than some of the more modern offerings from slot games publishers. The music is distinctive and charming, and matches the cartoon character designs quite well. It is possible to switch between the main theme song and your character’s theme song at different times in the game, so there’s always something funny to laugh or smile about when playing. The sound effects are plentiful and very noticeable, though not in a way that leaves anything without its effect – the game’s sound effects are subtle but memorable.

Despite the simplicity of the controls and the cartoonish presentation, it may still seem like a rather cut-and-dry game. After all, what’s so unique about this one slot machine, Magic Fruits 81? Fortunately, you’ll be pleasantly surprised, because this is a brilliant little game that deserves the kind of response that only good, solid, challenging slot games can get.

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