Dragon shard


Dragon shard is an online slot game. This is one of the earliest release of this online slot game and it was also the first one to use the “randomized” element. In this case, the randomness of the slots were embedded in the symbols that were used for re-drawing the numbers. With this feature, the more number of winning combinations were obtained from the random number generator. Aside from this feature, it is also a very simple to learn system that even beginners can try it for a test run.

There are three kinds of “reels” in this slot machine game. Each has its own characteristic such as speed, spin and direction so it is really important to learn each of them. The first “real” is the “Progressive” mode wherein the reels alternate between two symbols. It will last for five lines. To make it simple, progressive mode is for those who want to acquire a big amount of cash.

Second is the “Reset” mode wherein the reels stop after one particular number of symbols have been spun. The highest value is the maximum number of coins that could be won. During this time, only the highest paying combination will be retained. This makes this mode the best mode to play for beginners. Plus, there is a special feature wherein players are allowed to press a button that would reset the Dragon shard.

The third type is the “Buying” mode. It is similar with the previous two, wherein a player can select any number of symbols to bet on. The only difference here is that a player can only win the amount that is shown in the wild while placing higher bets will result to higher paylines. Plus, in this slot game, it is possible to get the best Wild cards. Players can get some high value wild cards which come with a hefty payoff.

There is a fourth type, which is the “Buying Dragons” mode. This is for the people who do not want to play for free. Players need to key in a specific set of keywords so that they can choose from a list of dragons that are released regularly. There are actually over 80 different types of these slot games. Plus, it allows players to earn bonus points and save up more money. Plus, winning the jackpot will also help boost players’ morale.

Aside from the bonus features, there are also other benefits such as faster payslips, and special theme for the slot machines. For instance, if a player would play the same Dragon shard for several spins, the first ten times will give them better paylines and higher payout. Plus, special icons that signify the winnings for every spin will be used on the machine. These are just some of the benefits of playing DragonShard as it has all these features.

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